Friday, November 2, 2012

Hanoi trafic jam

Hanoi is the investment and the biggest town of Vietnam. Lately it has also been elected as one of the most secure places in the world. However, not everything is nice in Hanoi. When discussing this town, both guests and local citizens grumble about a issue, guests.

Traffic in Hanoi is extremely disorderly these days. Generating on the road in Hanoi is explains as going out to fight. Food blog writer Noodlepie described that "he provided up driving a motorcycle in Vietnam about three or four decades ago" because it provided him "zero satisfaction and major stresso". You are always at the risk of experiencing guests jam despite whether it is in rush time or not. This fact can be described by 2 significant reasons, carries and conformity with guests guidelines.

The first reason resulting in the issue is the improving variety of personal carries. Hanoi's approximated inhabitants is 6.232.940 (2008), it is the most populated town in Vietnam. Moreover, Hanoi is also the most important governmental, social and economic center of Vietnam, so it draws a lot of workers from other regions. Consequently, the variety of personal carries has exploded considerably furthermore. Individuals think that the Vietnamese are inadequate, but there is a lot of vehicles in Hanoi. Each family can own 3-4 motorbikes and maybe one more car, that is very typical in Hanoi now. This huge number of personal carries, added with other public carries like cyclos, cab taxis and vehicles, have triggered blockage frequently in Hanoi's roads.

Besides, although Vietnamese guests guidelines are quite tight, most people still don't conform to them seriously. Traversing red lighting or driving the wrong way down roads against guests is very typical. Road marks, such as people crosswalks, are available but are completely overlooked. These breach are very risky and can cause injuries easily. The blockage is even toughest in the rush time, when everybody in a rush trying to go to work or get home quickly. Individuals are eager, regularly using their horns when there's obviously nowhere to go, even screaming at others to get out of the way. As a result, the roads are often populated for 1-2 hours. This image explains exactly what happens in Hanoi's roads.

Next year, Hanoi will enjoy 1000 decades birthday. Government bodies should apply their guidelines to fix guests issue, so when guests visit Hanoi, they will remember Hanoi with wonderful pictures.

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