Friday, November 2, 2012

on a Friday Night traffic in friday night

I remember initially I went to NY City returning in the mid 1980's. A few buddies and I made the decision to take a late night journey there on a Weekend in Jan. We came in NY day. I had decreased sleeping in returning and woke up to fogged windows and U2 performing on the air stations ....I still haven't found what I'm looking for. As I removed the windows to look out I was just dazzled by the size of these tremendous tall buildings and sensed so unimportant. Much has modified since then, most clearly the insufficient the double systems and all the activities around 911.

This latest journey Dov and I came about 8pm on a Weekend evening. Though I was just in NY this past Aug I sensed stress, ever so temporarily but YES I sensed it. That Aug check out was much different as we were in Birkenstock boston and made the decision to move by the Big The apple company just for manufactured. I didn't have plenty of your energy and energy to think of where I was going because it was completely unexpected but this journey I realized I would be remaining for three times in midtown New york.

As we contacted NY from NJ the visitors became more populated then bogged down to a spider, then just ceased and every so often it would inches up. It was here that I sensed that worry of what if there was an strike or an urgent no way would anyone be able to keep this clutter.

Instead of battling the visitors or trying to advance through the tangle as some tried I just knocked returning and patiently waited for my convert to move up. We left the Lincoln subsequently Canal and weren't sure if we were going in the right route. But it didn't matter we had to go with the circulation of visitors, its difficult to take over and very difficult to ask for guidelines, either from individuals not discussing British, not living in the location or simply disrespect.

Cars, vehicles, pickups, taxis, engine periods, individuals strolling, cycling, more vehicles, more vehicles, more pickups, more taxis, more engine periods, more individuals strolling, cycling, individuals people individuals vehicles cars vehicles all over!!

Unless you knowledgeable NY on a Weekend evening you just won't understand.

We were going the incorrect way to the position according to the map Dov introduced along so I did a U convert on a separated additional street that was not as active. But generating to the position every street, street area, and street was populated. People covered the pathways either strolling or cusine outside cusine places and cafes and of course the vehicles, vehicles and taxis everywhere.

Before coming at our location at the Roosevelt Resort we required to find a position to recreation area the car. Having no fortune finding a position under $200 for the three times that was close by we decided to have it left at the position.

As we drawn up and ceased I marveled how the valet managed the chaos. The visitors was intolerable, vehicles taking in and out of the position, vehicle parking vehicles, starting gates, producing vehicle parking goes, through out this mayhem they kept their awesome and went about their business as if it was a sluggish day in small town The united states. To me it was simply nuts!

We packed our equipment on the trolley they rolling out for us but to prevent the tip we took our bags in ourselves. I'm sure they were not use to this as everyone remaining at the Roosevelt must of had money and lots of it. Once coming into the pebble entrance hall and watching the swank decorations I thought maybe I will enjoy this journey, I was right as I did.

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