Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Fix traffic jam

Some individuals say the govt has to take hit activity by avoiding the use of personal automobiles. Others say the govt needs to improve automobile taxation on vehicle parking places in community venues until five periods. Individuals have to recreation area their personal automobiles far from the community venues to get there, therefore. Aren't there any other ways?

Before talking about about another probability, the author considers it's important to discuss pros and cons of the two past opportunities. There is no question that Jabodetabek will be free from congested zones since there will be no more personal vehicles and motorbikes. Meanwhile, the author considers that most of the community will never consent since almost every family members in Jabodetabek has one or more personal automobiles. Depending on the information of the Cops of Philippines in 2007, 70 % of contamination was brought on by automobiles while the 30 % by market and any other contamination causes. The toughest is that Philippines relies on taxation from Japoneses and China investation which generate most of automobiles in the nation. Here is the second factor. The second factor seems not to be too challenging for the community. However, the author considers such way tends to shift the congested zones from town center to personal vehicle parking locations. It's due to the point that these days some individuals offer their personal locations for those who would like to go to work by automobile from home but select to proceed their journey by another indicates of transport.

Here is another perspective. The govt should improve automobile taxation until three or four periods. Therefore, the community will have to think a lot when they'd like to buy automobiles. And at the same time, the govt also needs to pay attention to re-urbanizing the individuals. They can try to develop shops or markets outside the main part of places because these days such locations generate many attention from the community. Or, they can start to offer those who would like to get for organic resources out of the town such as the oil resource in Kalimantan. Therefore, we'll get near to the procedure of re-urbanization until one day we can say "Job openings are offered all over the nation.

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